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What’s in your favorite artist’s head? Some cool illustrations by Nando

Fuck yeah

I c u bby

I c u bby

So there's this guy I've been hanging out with lately, he took me on a really cute date one night and didn't kiss me at the end which I thought was weird. Time passed and I didn't really hear from him so I asked him to hang and watch movies, I ended up going to his house and cuddling with him, still no kiss. Then I week later he texts me and asks me to comeover again. I did and we cuddled again but still didn't kiss. I just don't know why he hasn't kissed me or what the point is .__. Anonymous

Maybe he’s too nervous to!
I think just about everyone I ‘dated’ I didn’t kiss for a very long time…or sometimes at all, mostly because I was nervous.
Maybe he’s going through the same thing. Or maybe he just wants to take things slow! Which seems to be pretty uncomon. If it starts to really bother you, initiate it or talk to him about it :)

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What's the difference between SoCal and NorCal? Anonymous


Southern California people are very rude, greedy, mean

Northern California people are more polite, nice, not as rude, but more like ‘I know what I want I’m just gonna pay attention to myself so I don’t get in anyones way’ vs. ‘I’m gonna do THIS and go right HERE because I can, and I’m just gonna do it and hope I don’t get in a car accident while I cross all 4 lanes on the free way within 2 seconds really fast, good luck everyone!’

Mortal Kombat Character Illustrations - Created by Sergey Svistunov

(Source: pixalry, via westcoastdom)



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Me and this guy have been hanging out and he constantly dropped relationship hints in the beginning (mostly on twitter), but tonight we talked and he said he liked me a lot but he didn't want to date because it messes things up. He mentioned that he constant was used and hurt by past girls. Do I stay in the friends with benefits zone or move on? I really like him and I don't want to stop our time together just because he doesn't want to date. I just don't wanna be played. Anonymous

At this point it’s up to you to figure out what you think you want and deserve. If you like where you are then so be it, you continue doing what it is but understand there’s a slim chance of progression.
If you want something more, than you have to stop wasting your time and find someone who will treat you the way you crave. Anyone can be a friend with benefits, it’s a matter of finding the one who is willing to take chances for and with you that’s going to give you the satisfaction you need.

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